All about Services

Our passionate team strives to offer an unrivalled experience, achieved through building strong relationships with all our clients and suppliers, ensuring unique, stress-free execution, with end results that exceed your expectations. With a strong team of individuals and large knowledge base of the event industry, we at ALL ABOUT EVENTS guarantees a unique event experience! We craft unforgettable experiences for global brands and discerning private clients. After an in-depth consultation, we will determine the level of services you need and will create a tailormade proposal designed specifically for your event. No matter the level of our services, your event will receive individual attention and the hands-on service it deserves.

Event Mix

Great events aren’t just organized; they are conceived, designed and expertly orchestrated. No matter what the occasion, destination, budget & size, there is no ‘single’ factor that will escalate your event to success. It’s a combination of every single element that is part of the entire event plan. Our ideas will help you make the “combo” & create the most suitable flow.

Concept Design & Branding

Good ideas are everywhere, but our passion & expert skills turn real world insights into effective, intelligible and cleverly combined communication messages, that will boost the image & values of your brand & company and will engage your guests to the maximum.


“Effective event communication designed on impeccable strategies to engage your attendees to the maximum.
From hashtags to hospitality, your event communications and how they tie into your marketing plan can mean everything in terms of your event’s success.”

Destination & Venue

Finding a suitable destination & venue can be a challenge. Our long experience all around Greece, can help you source & identify the best location for your next event, taking into account all necessary parameters.

Theme & Décor

“Regardless of the event type, there is a theme to transform your event, improve user experience, create memories & engagement.
How guests feel when they walk into the venue will affect their overall experience, and afterward, how fondly they remember it.”


“Whatever the occasion, event entertainment is a great way to keep your guests amazed!
Light up your event & explore a vast list of options, from classic to innovative. We will design this into a unique experience for your guests, in accordance to all parameters (audience profile, venue, theme, event flow, budget).”

Special Speakers

Choosing a guest speaker or host for your event is of vital importance. We provide you with detailed options, along with a suggested interconnected script and help you make the right choice. Suitable speakers will add credibility to your event and make it momentous, boosting your registration numbers and keeping the audience engaged throughout.

Team Building Activities

Team activities can be fun, but can surely engage your audience to commit to your DNA & thoroughly absorb your messages. From icebreaking to bonding, motivation and CSR activations, your guests will play, learn, support, commit and have fun at the same time!


Crafting a friendly & warm hospitality plan is essential for your guests to have a memorable event experience. From the invitation dispatch to the give-away gifts & post communication, we aim to help the guests navigate pleasantly & feel unique and looked-after at all times.

Set-up & Scenography

“Focus on transforming the idea into real artwork designs, whilst optimizing the space functionality & interior aesthetics.
We provide special constructions for signage, product display & promotions, staging & bespoke furniture, creating stunning sets & brand environments. “

AV Production & Technology

Innovation, knowhow & on-site experience enable us to utilize the correct & suitable audio/visual technology for any event to make an impact. We provide creative thinking supported by technology to captivate message communication to the maximum.

Photo & Video Production

Event photography & videography are crucial marketing devices that open up more publicity opportunities. Showcase the success of your event to stakeholders & future attendees, capture the momories & extend the engagement of your audience.

good ideas are everywhere, but…our passion & experience turns real world insights into effective, intelligible and cleverly combined communication messages.