Concept Design

Uncover and articulate your goals.


Our team crafts a solid and consistent event brand that will wow attendees, sponsors and partners. When people imagine your event, what do they think of?
No doubt, there are certain marketing guidelines such as colours,
fonts and services that come to mind, but… what else?

Our team of Communication and PR experts, strategists, researchers, and graphic designers provide insights and creative solutions using 3D designs to help our clients visualize an unforgettable event experience. Unique ideas, confidentiality, off-peak planning, collaboration, collectiveness and new technologies are some of our tools that build compelling concepts taking your company a step forward.


  • Personality
  • Temperament
  • Uniqueness
  • Attitude
  • Aesthetics
  • Your values
  • Your prospects
  • The profile of your customers
  • The profile of your employees
  • Your event goals

All of these factors are well-tied together
to create your event brand.


We create events that boost the image & values of your company.
A face to face marketing approach is achieved by hosting events that engage your guests to the maximum.  Events that entail effective communication strategies, utilizing necessary tools to achieve required ROI above expectations.

We provide effective event communication designed on an impeccable strategy before, during and after the event.

We have the perfect communication plan for your event:


  • Event web site
  • Pre-event e-mails
  • Save the date design
  • Invitation graphic design & content
  • RSVP & follow up
  • Dynamic event-specific app
  • Successful Registration options
  • Post event marketing campaign
  • Event ROI


And what is an event? An event can be described as a public gathering for the purpose of celebration, education, marketing, sales or reunion. Whatever the type of event, the size and context, it may just be the single best channel to fuel your business growth. This is the reason why we tailormake everything!
Our team will work with you to turn the vision for your next event into an amazing experience!

We are focused on details and you can feel confident knowing that each aspect of your event will be creatively and originally planned and executed. Whether a small meeting, an intimate dinner or a big conference & a grand anniversary event, we will give your event that professional ‘’customade’’ touch. Our mission is to make it unique and unforgettable for you and your guests!